Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Time to start reviewing Projects

I've not quite managed to get all the 25 or so machines I've collected fully working. Lack of decent organisation with projects that are ongoing and not yet prepared for use in the book make it a bit hard to do on my own.

Lucky for me a couple of 2nd year students find themselves without a project to work on at Uni and so have now become willing members of team Fundamentals. So they are going to act as my testing team, and keepers of the master SVN's They will also be following the book to see if they find anything too hard or too easy.

This is really useful for everyone, as keeping the projects tidy as I write them is quite a task, as is trying it out on at least the 5 main base versions to ensure Debian, Ubuntu,Gnome and a couple of light versions all work as expected. It means I can focus on making the projects work and writing the text

This also means I have to speed up...since they need new content every week to try out.....starting to get the idea this is going to be hard work :D

But most of the 2D sections are now done or roughed out..and some lovely cartoons are in place now from the talented Pim Bos!

Currently the 1st 6 chapters are done...rough an unedited but quite readable, the boys have worked through them this week and are getting things up and running. , Most of the remaining chapters are roughed out waiting for code content to be added. That will be more intense, as I have a lot of personal learning to do so I can explain 3D in the simplest possible way.

Better get back to it.

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