Wednesday, 18 May 2016

More Nano's

Ohhh I do like them, so decided to get hold of their impressive sounding T3, a slightly more upmarket board, not aimed at the same Raspberry market, but essentially the same with a few more bells and whistles. Designed for a slightly more industrial market, it nevertheless falls in the brief og an SBC running linux with graphics.

Unusually for a 2016 model it takes a full size SD card, and also does not use micro USB power, though that is considerably better as micro usb cables are not ideal for power transmission.

The main reason for the purchase though was ... OCTOCORE!

The XU4 is the current beast with a steady and reliable system, complete with fan cooling. The M3 lags behind due to cooling/power issues, but does sometimes get all 8 of its cores working. I'm hoping this T3 shows at least the M3 how to do it, (hoping to get a rev 2 M3 soon to see if the issues it has have been overcome)

It probably won't match the XU4, certainly not in GPU power with a single core Mali 400, compared to the XU4's 6 core Power VR's

But I do want to try a reliable 8 core system, So hoping this does it... Sadly it did not come with a heatsink as pictured on the idea till I try it if that is a problem, but certainly its better to fit a sink, so next time I buy from these guys I will make sure I get a couple of  heat sinks.

I also got a T2, with is the quad core version, the only difference is the CPU.

Not quite sure if the ones I have are 2G or 1G ram, since the option was hard to specify, will find out soon.

Will get these fired up soon...can't wait.

oh the T2 fired up, Debian 8.1 already installed on the eMMC... I like that, but only low res, and not really any indication of how many cores it has.

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