Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Creator Ci20 1st impressions

Bloody Wonderful...

well mainly due to 2 simple facts, it comes with Debian pre-installed on its internal eMMC memory, so it boots right out of the box.
It has some sparkling demos of its graphic abilities.
It has on board wireless which hooked up no problem, and then allowed me to do a semi update/upgrade

I say semi because it seems to have Debian Wheezy on it, the WIP version of Debian, and it didn't manage to find all files to upgrade, but it did enough..I personally would prefer the stable Jessie build but its not a big issue.

Negatives, well its didn't like my USB hub, which had the keyboard/mouse/extern wifi on it, totally refused to see it... So had to use up the only 2 USB ports plugging the mouse and keyboard into i, Wifi being unnecessary.
It takes an old full sized SD card...which isn't really an issue considering it boots from the eMMC, but it might be nice to add a different OS on the card, like Android... The only problem there is the choice of boot is done with a jumper block rather than a simple switch, which would have been nice...

Its a dual core rather than a quad...Though thats not surprising, its "last years" model and came out before the quad cores became easily available. It does seem to take a long time to boot though with only 2 cores. Once booted though it seems responsive and nippy

But so far, 1st impression are excellent, Not tried coding it yet, I haven't been able to get SSH to work as it refuses the only password I have for it ci20. The forums seem to be lacking in info, and attempts to register have been confusing.
But I'll stick with it, I like PowerVR chips, one or 2 of my machines have them and its nice to finally see what they can do.

Edit... got some nice help on the Creater forums, the problem was the default eMMC version of Debian did not have SSH installed, I had assumed since every other install I've done had it, that it was a standard feature, but no.
sudo apt-get install ssh

resolved the issue for connections, I'll try the coding soon.


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