Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Pine's Alive

In fact I am entering this post on it...

After failure with the user supplied Ubuntu, I tried burning Debian on a 16gb card, and boom it works just fine, though that 1st boot seemed to take an age and only me putting my network cable into it when it appeared to stop, which then showed acknowledgment, and it seemed to then continue to a boot. to GUI
It maybe its just fussy with cards...but the cards I used were quite decent....ah well. won't boot if you don't have the ethernet plugged wait, its on a hangs for a minute or so, then boots, clearly its got a countdown set too high when not connected, I'll try it again...having done a slow boot......nope still slow....mental note, keep the Ethernet cable plugged in.

Its by no means perfect, no sign of wifi, it crashes a lot, But it plays youtube videos, I suspect my crappy upstairs internet is the issue,  but it will get better!

No sign of OpenGLES just yet, but if its not there I will install it.
This issue occurs with Ubuntu as well as Debian, its actually a correct response to a search for a network connection but the timeout is set waaaaay to high.

so there you go, is now (hopefully) a usable target... I will report back soon on how usable.

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