Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pine A64....a monster

Lol I got quite a shock when I picked up my PineA64 from the post office today, no customs charges :D

well that was only a small but welcome shock, the real shock came when I got home and opend the box...DAMN this this is huge, only a little smaller than a PC ITX board, its 3 times the size of a normal SBC...quite incredible

I ordered a 2G with Wifi, which turned out to be a plug in module...with a very ungainly antenna that I have to stick somewhere. But it does look nice when built up, but damn...its a monster.

look at this for a size comparison thats a Nano Pi M2 next to it.

its massive :D I've not fired it up yet, will go now and see if I can locate an image to burn and try it out, its a mali based GPU so aside from its 64bit CPU its a pretty standard machine, in fact it took so long to come out that its proud claim of being the 1st 64bit quad core is no longer true.

Its certainly the biggest :D

Will update you on performance once I get it going, probably tomorrow as I have some other things to finish today.

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