Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Nano Pi's have restored the love

I was a bit down on the Nano's when I 1st posted about them, they seemed reluctant to boot, and gave me a lot of problems, but I stuck with them. They took a bit of coaxing, but in the end it turned out to be my ignorance of Linux and faulty SD cards which created pretty much all the issues.

Well thats not totally true, I still struggle with wifi and a few other things and their support is non-existant, like their users :( But my main issue of using them as cheap simple code utterly fine.

I was hoping that creating an EGL context would be a simple matter of a few conditional statements, but in the end it needs a different approach, so I now have to treat the Raspberry Pi as the exception it actually is. All other linux machines need EGL and a window...the Rasp needs its bcm_host.

But the M1 and M2 and NanoPi2 all worked flawslessly as standaard EGL systems, once you download mesa drivers and GCC where needed.

Nice nice nice and the extra M1 I bought for the office is serving me very well when I get an hour or so at the end of a day to try out some coding. I'm looking forward to my T3 octocore to see if it can rivel the XU4 as a power machine...nahhh, it can't but if it does a better job than the fussy BPi M3 I'll be happy.

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