Saturday, 27 May 2017

Spell checking done

Yes I know, still not done, a few soft deadlines missed and 2 hard ones missed, but circumstances totally beyond my control have meant I just have not been able to get the last few sections up and running.

And a collegue  pointed out that my removal of an intro to physics, for space reasons,  left the remaining sections poorly coded and not at all up to standard, so I have restored but re-written the physics sections and am working as fast as possible to restore the code back into the final demos. Its worth the effort though the games are working much better with a physics engine, despite the performance hit.

Just as I was ready to put it all together, I ended up being stranded in London after visiting for a conference, and losing my passport, which was a major pain, but also allowed me to do a full read through and review, find a few more errors and get them marked for fixes which I've been doing since I got back home,

The Website is up and ready for content, Its only in a holding mode at the moment but it will house all the demo code, some extension lessons and answers to some of the questions posed in the book.  I'll also add a small forum  to it when I work out how :D At least that does not have to be done until the book is launched sometime after November!

Its actually listed on Amazon now, ready for pre order, which of course emphasises the need to get the damn thing done
The price still worries me though...but no doubt it'll come down when the try to unload the unsold copies lol.

I also did the 1st full spell check on it last night, took 4 hours lol....I can't spell for toffee, being slightly dyslexic, That's one of those silly but essential jobs that I need to do a few times just to make sure. Its complicated by the fact there is a lot of code in the early sections that will confuse any spill chucker. It will no doubt go through another spill chucker to turn it to american English when the publisher gets it.

I need to get back to it now, I have a particular model in the game I got online, its lovely but it is giving me a  lot of headaches to display..hopefully after a break writing up the other games when I get back to it it will be cool.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

4 games in one :D

I've had to do a few re-writes to cut pages and reduce the amount of code in the book,  this is mostly done by letting 1 project flow into another. Rather than having,as I did, separate projects. So I've build a simple tile display system, which in turn becomes a top down shoot and chase game, then a single screen platformer, then a scrolling platformer, and finally a scrolling shooter.

While at the same time introducing collision, motion, logic, attack waves and for fun a bit of parallax scrolling.

All using the same graphics :D

here's the shooter

Its reduced the page count quite a bit, and It think made the flow of information that much cleaner...I'm,doing something similar for the 3D games in the book too. Still maintaining the style but allowing 1 to flow into another.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

heavy edits ongoing

Been working on converting a single screen platform game like this

into a multi screen scrolling game...these were originally 2 separate projects but space has become critical in the book so I needed to put the two projects together and show how to turn the 1st into the 2nd with the aid of a couple of simple concepts.

Saved quite a few pages and I think it makes the experience a lot more fun.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

some new toys

Strange formatting warning...cut and paste from Facebook, but lots of spaces added! 2 oops 3 new Orange Pi's picked up from post drop, had to pay some duty on one...almost as much as it cost, ironically the cheapest one...but still

crazy silly little Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 512Mb machine with onboard 8Gb eMMC memory.... this thing is tiny, has wifi on board, but works better with an expansion board to provide usb connections,
And an Orange Pi Win Development Board A64 Quad-core,
Which even as it was arriving here, was replaced by a new 2Gb version, but I won't be buying that yet.
These OPi's keep coming out faster than I can collect them... Shame the software support for them is utterly terrible. Going to experiment with Armbrian on these soon and see what they can do.
Oh I forgot last week I also picked up a "normal" Opi Zero H2 model with an expansion board and tiny case....crazy!
I'm going to start getting all these various machines hooked up to a central server system and have them be my household controller units....or just write shit games on them.
But for now I have to continue with the book, so they will go on the shelf for a couple of weeks.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Definitely the home straight

Last week I hope of book writing, mostly editing and documenting some code.

Still got a 100 pages to try to chop out but I think I will manage it then I can hand it over the publisher and get some rest.

In mean time I just finished doing particles and emitters using a 2D CPU rendering sytem..

looks pretty

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Damn its emulated

The OpenGLES3.1 (or anything else that I can tell) is not runnong on the GPU, its all being emulated a the moment, I guess we have to wait for a version of the os with proper libs in it.

But even so, I expect these to come on line and its sitll possible to code in 3.1 albeit slowly.
So yeahhhh but, only lower case for now.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Got one.

Yeah I got my Tinkerboard at last. It is a very nice clean and tidy board,

After a bit of hunting following the ghost launch I managed to locate one in Germany, but it seems the supply is starting to ramp up and they are now flowing into the market.

The support site is still generation 1 and nothing by way of a community, but I was able to locate and download Debian. Sadly at work, using a Pi power unit it refused to boot, however once home with the same image and a beefier PSU it fired up in no time. It is nippy and responsive on the desktop, and after enabling its auto network, it went on line and happily performed and update/upgrade

It is a no frills standard Debian, it resized my sd card itself, and logged in to a sparse gui with nothing notable to report, except for one amazing features. It has OpenGLES3.1 libs on board. I’ve not had a chance to try them out yet, as I’m a bit busy but if this is indeed a properly implemented OpenGLES3.1 system, its hands down going to beat almost all the other SBC’s out there. I still want to see 3.2 on this thing though since ARM's site confirmed the 760 series are 3.2 capable

CPU gets mighty hot, so don’t try to run it without the heat sink, and as I say it needs a good power unit.

So far so good. I can’t wait to get programming some OpenGLES3.1 on it and see what it can really do. Sadly I just don't have time at the moment as I'm rushing to finish the book, but there are a few proejcts that will need testing on a non Pi machine... I wonder which ones I might use :D