Thursday, 24 August 2017

Video's soon

I've ordered a nice little HDMI video grabber which should arrive soon, so that I can take videos of the games and demos running on the various kinds of Pi. Should be more instructive than the simple screenshots. I couldn't find a software solution to it, like rasp2png but for video, so went the hardware route. I hope it works ok.

I'll post a few here, most mostly they will go on the website in support of the book.

Which is still in editing mode, some friends have been proof reading it and finding lots of missed spelling and grammar mistakes. So far nothing technical, but I'm sure there are a few errors that will slip past.

As well as the editing I'm getting the source code, clean and ready for download, and will then get the final polished versions of the games up and ready.

I must confess I'd lost a lot of my enthusiasm in the final weeks, getting the book out, there's still much I wanted to put in there but page count limits just stopped me dead and it became more of a chore to limit the content than to write it,. But setting up the website is giving me back some of that fun as I transfer more complex topics to the site.

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