Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The next day or so..

The book will finally be done, its been one helluva ride, and right at the death I've had a major unfixable problem with a model (need the artist to fix it) but I have been completing the write ups on some of the more technical aspects of the code

Physics and terrain  collision for example

Here's an example of a tile based environment with full terrain collision in place, and a god camera to view it all. It chugs a bit since the wireframe draws are painfully slow, but its a debug option.

Animations, culling, lighting, cameras,  shadows in shaders, and other bits all done so I'm just waiting for a model fix to finish it all off.

Its a lot of work, perhaps I didn't get quite the gameplay in there I  wanted but thinking about it, explaining how to write a particular game wasn't the idea, explaining how to write multuple games using the techniques explained makes more sense.

I hope this model I need gets fixed asap, or I will have to find an alternative way to explain a final point...or scrap it and wrap it up.

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