Friday, 25 August 2017

New board, feel the power

Well this is going to be a fun new toy,  today I took delivery of an Up2 (squared) board which I backed in a kickstarter some time back.
This will be my 1st intel based SBC so Im very curious to see how it performs. I went for the cheapest one to try to stay under my 100 euro limit, its actually 102 euros, but that includes the postage.

1st impressions are its a bit of a beast, the heat sink on it is massive and makes it quite heavy but it is passive, no fan, so I'm hoping it does its job an keeps the chip cool.
The cheaper version I went for is a dual core celeron 2GB memorywith 16GB eMMC its about twice the size of a RPi, and the free case I got with it, though a little loose keeps it all in a nice box.

I have a couple of different power units but this one needs 5-6 amps an a wide barrel jack, In think I have one here, if not I can get one.

I will try to do it this weekend, if not I will have to put it away for a bit.

But I am quite excited, on paper at least it should be considerably more powerful than any other board I have, even the Odroids, Its GPU has I believe 12 cores/pipes that will reall give graphic programming a boost, but I will be amazed if there are drivers easily available, but we'll find out soon.

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