Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Something different

And maybe misjudged, but I saw this on Gear Best and thought I'd give it a go.

Not an SBC in the usual sense, though it is in fact, but a TV box, designed to be used for KODI and other streaming systems, but at its heart it is a pretty nice SBC

Its an Octocore Amlogic S912 which in itself is impressive, but also its gpu is an even more impressive  ARM Mali-T820MP3  . Now that's a very modern GPU capable of ES3.2 and Vulkan coding, I only have a few units that can do 3.1 so 3.2 is quite a leap.

Its got 3GB RAM and 16GB eMMC as well as the usual connectors, and has dual boot Android and Linux, theory at least, drivers permitting I should be able to code this, and if it pans out it could be one of the more powerful units in my collectiom. 
Or it might indeed just be a small Kodi or streamer box to sit behind my TV. We'll see I am curious to know if I can extend my remit to include such tv boxes, as progammer learning tools.

In keeping wiith my under $100 mantra it only cost $82, with a remote as well,  including the postage..there might be some duty when it arrives but we'll see.

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