Friday, 28 October 2016

ok it was the bend before the bend

But progress has been great this last few days. Projects are all takiing shape really well and the sense that they are cool and playable is very palpable..though I need some more graphics from my art friends

The text for the book is pretty much  all there now. I'm really pleased with it... probably only another 50-60 pages to go of actual explinations, then another 50-60 of code snippets and I can make a start to edit it down.


Hardest thing so far has been the texture and shader managers...trying to get them to be so simple that they work with no frills at all, was a major pain. In fact making the code so simple has been really hard work...I want so many features in there but it juse causes confusion.

But its done, and that was kinda the last bit of pushing the rock up the hill, everything else is now pretty smooth sailing and just explaing very simple game concepts that can be built on.

hhmmm maybe I shouldn't jinx it.

On the horizon though I have to do the compatible projects, make sure that everything works on the various clones...the graphic class set up is easy enough but the physical time to plug them in and try them...its at least a day or 2 assuming they all work, which is optomistic, which is why its been left to the end. I haven't been able to work out how to get an EGL context as a full screen on the clones, but no matter if it can't be done, I'll let them work in a window.

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