Sunday, 16 October 2016

Cubes anyone?

The 3D sections are finally going ok, after a couple of re-writes of the base project code which had too much content in it I didn't need. I noticed when I was writing the chapter to explain it, that a lot of stuff was unused...and broke the idea I had of making the base ObjectModel class absurdly primitive.

I stripped it back and  can now produce my basic 3D object shapes and transform and render them with ease and edited the book section explaining it, it is now much easier to digest.

The camera section is also complete and allows 2 of the initial 3D games, a space shooter, and a race game, to be written very easily Since basically you are just moving the camera around :D

Next to add to the 3D code is the obj file loading and manipulation, as well as environments and with it collision detection and other pitfalls. I may add some info on optimisation before the 2 big projects at the end. Well I have to add it somewhere.

Anywhere here's some very boring cubes, since I don't want to let the good stuff out of the bag yet...

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