Monday, 24 October 2016

Home straight

Well at least the bend before the home straight,  or maybe the bend before the bend before the home straight.
But whatever I am on a roll. I currently have a week off and am forcing myself to sit for 8 hours and write and code the book and its projects. I'm still worried about the time takes to do the projects but they are moving forward and I have to curb my natural obsession with making a complete game. These are not complete games, they are demo's to show points.. All I have to do is make them playable, and let the reader/student finish or add to it.

I got stuck for such on long time on 590ish pages, but finally cracked 600 over the weekend. And did another 15 today. I'm hoping the addition of the how too walk through this week will take it over 700 and next week, the final 50-100 pages before I start to edit down and then can move towards producing the final versions and sending out test copies to some poor volunteers.

My deadline is at the end of November...its still going to be tight, if something does not go to plan, but its certainly possible.

Ah its fun. I printed it out the other day, and it is huge....I hope its not all bobbins !!!

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