Saturday, 8 October 2016

Hello from Breda

I had terrible jet lag when I came back from Tokyo, that and catching up with school work meant I have been slow to get started again on the book. But I am now on a roll again.

The 3D sections are starting to take shape, the basic 3D framework is now in place. Its primative of course, by design, I don't want to write an engine in the book, just give the user a flexible and usable set of systems that will allow them to place and manipulate objects.

I have my hello cubes project with base classes that do just enough to show models,and camera's at work, its all starting to work nicely. Of course any engine coders out there will go mad, but as I say, the point is to get people coding, not show people who can code to do advanced stuff.

I'm just cleaning up the projects now to put on the site. Looking forward to doing the next stage with models.

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