Friday, 9 September 2016

Publishers happy, and extension granted

Publisher is happy with my current draft, even though its rough as hell at the moment, and still  missing the walk throughs on the last 2D and early 3D proejcts. But my editor likes it, though not the format I delivered it in.. Which is fine as I am not going to submit that format in the final version.

Its such a thrill to have someone look over 9 months of work, and be positive about it. :D

I did ask for an extension though as the projects take much  longer to layout and document than I expected, but the extension gives me the time I need to finish those up, and edit my document format down to theirs.

I'm off to Japan for a couple of weeks, so can't really do much project work, though I am taking a pi and LCD screen with me as well asn an HDMI cable in case there's a TV in my hotel room I can use. But not really sure I'm going to have time,

but I do have 11 hours to kill on the plane so I can transcribe a load of project notes into readable text. That will hopefully keep me away on a very boring flight.

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