Sunday, 4 September 2016

Mouses Mice or meecese?

I have the mouse system working on the targets now, but no idea for the life of me what the plural is of a computer mouse.. I suppose mice, but not really sure.

Anyway, mouse code  is working perfectly, and that allows me to do pointer controls in 2D and 3D. So am starting the firework and sand games.

I've been in touch with the publisher too, annoyingly a draft if the manuscript I sent in July bounced, but the bounce notice went into my spam. I was so wrapped up in writing and coding, that I never followed up. Oh well, no matter they've sent me system to send the files. So will get that done tomorrow when I've finished this section.

 I also asked for some more time, which should not be a problem. Well when all said and done, its not as if I can magically do it quicker so they kinda have to give me the time.

Am pleased with the progress of the projects now though, but the 3D engine needs a bit more simplifiying, I really only need the most basic system possible and at the moment its cut down from my own openGL engine and has too much functionality, functionaly I want the readers to recognise they need to add themselves.

Now readty for the big push to 3D, its not as big a section as the 2D stuff, and hopefully I don't need to explain as much as I did at the start, it should just be a case of things falling into place iwth only a basic explination.....haha..yeah! right!

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