Friday, 2 September 2016

Last few chapters

Holidays are over and I did a bunch of coding and writing for the book, but Wow, its gone by so quick. I've got over 500 pages now, and still have a lot of code snippets to put in there. Which has proven to be a massive time sink.

I honestly thought the project writing would be the easy part, and normally its only a few days or a week at most to do a small demo project, but the need to do create a simple downloadable start up... Detail the things to add to it, then make sure the finished version has no major changes from the start up and additions. Edit and test the steps in the book, has proven to be massivly hard.

When you write a project, no matter how simple, you start off knowing what you are going to do...but mid way, you change things, you decide something is better, or easier....and normally thats fine, because you're  moving forward with no regard to the past,  But you don't want a reader, doing the same with your code, at least not too much, which means having to go back to the code in the book, make the changes so they are always there, and ensure they still work at the earlier really hard.

But the 2D projcts are pretty much all done, and complete, and about  half of them have their start and mid parts documented and stored for the support site. I have outlines for all the 3D projets but still have to write them up and do the walk throughs in the book. There's not as many 3D projects thankfully so it won't take quite as long.

Sadly I've realised I'm not going to hit my 17th Sept deadline, especially with a 2 week,  work trip to Tokyo coming up. I can't see me being able to do much writing while I am there, though I will do my best.

I've asked for more time, hopefully that won't be an issue.

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