Friday, 25 March 2016

More Pi..

I think I am done now with my collection of Pi clones.
I got hold of a Roseapple Pi, one of the fastest out there, and I ordered a couple of $11 Friendly Arm Nano Pi's which should be here next week. I think that brings the total to over 20!!

Its all a bit mad now, but I think I can stop now, I have almost all the base and high end ranges of each of the main makers, and in the case of Roseapple a very obscure but very fast one. Which is more than enough for me to perform my tests.
It does seem that the success of the RPi is encouraging a lot of Chinese/Korean makers to clone it and try to add a little extra value, but the Rpi leads because of its support, If you look at the Orange Pi, you can see such a difference.

But anything that gets people interested in small computers and coding is good.

In other coding related news, the V1 (bad) framework for my games projects is now complete, I can get around 3000 blitted and 2000 alpha compliant sprites on screen on an RPi 3 at 30+ FPS, and easy 1000 on a lesser machine, which is more than enough to get the games working.

I was rather hoping that the performance would be much worse, as I am deliberately rendering the sprites in software, very badly, in an effort to show that bad code can still work, but its still bad.. The idea being that the V2 framework, will have considerably better object management and 10,000+ sprites at 60FPS, should be perfectly viable, and that better management will demonstrate to the user the difference a bad design choice can make. Oh well, there are 2 very high sprite number projects which will stress the system so the point can still be made.

This easter weekend I plan to get some backlog work done, and then come back to it renewed. I'll also be setting up the sets systems for the Odroids and Banana Pi's

This is when it starts to get interesting.

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