Saturday, 26 March 2016

And so it begins

I've been running a breadboard test program (ie every test routine with no real regard for clarity or intending to be published) for several weeks now, getting my game framework up and running, testing and scolding myself and learning a few things about SBC's which I just wasn't aware of,
The intent was to write a couple of game frameworks, starting off with a scalable resolution 2D sprite based framework. This will be a jump off point for 5 or 6 games in my book before we discuss optimisations and transition to 3D.

The 1st game to be done is going to be an Invaders game. As soon as I have the clean tidy but still very bad, code ready I'll start putting it in the book.

So far its only running on the Raspberry Range, I have to make a few changes still to get it on the others, but its a start.

Behold the invaders are coming

Yeah I know not much to look at just yet, but that is a double buffered RAM buffer drawing to screen at 60Hz, scaling up to 1920x1080, with all Sprites having full colour and alpha channel. at 640x480 pixel res, these 32x32 don't even push the hardware.. In fact I tested it to do over 2000 on a Model 2 and 3000 on a model 3 before the speed dropped down.
Considering this code is quite deliberately very bad (for educational reasons) I was amazed.

I'll finish the game tomorrow and post a few more pics, but source code won't be available till the book is done.

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