Monday, 25 September 2017

NanoPi K2

Friendly arm, have very kindly supplied me with a couple of K2 boards along with cases/heatsinks etc.
I must say thank you to them for sending them as I was keen to try it out.

This is potentially a very nice machine, an Amlogic S905 powered quad core with Mali 5 core 450 GPU, Essentially the same basic layout as the Odroid C2 which I managed to get working but I think the drivers are emulated so it was curiously slow.

However at the moment the K2 is limited to an Android system, and a fairly basic one at that, and I can't find developer options to allow me to access it. I will have to wait for some more uptodate images, or a working Linux image, probably from Armbian.

Running in Android it is quite nippy, but a few problems exist, it does not seem to connect to the internet via a cable, and sadly Kodi, its main reason for existing, crashes and refuses to run. So....well that's a bit upsetting. I will try it on a wifi later.

If we get a linux that works, I will review it again later, for now, it has to exist only as a potentially cool board that should trounce the RPi, but may again be let down by the lack of drivers.

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