Sunday, 17 September 2017

Machines coming on line

As I've noted a few times I have quite a collection of different machines, but the fact is not all of them are suitable for games. Quite some number for example do not have their OpenGLES libs in place and Mesa does not always manage to replace the missing parts.

I've only done a few basic test systems on most of my machines, and looking back now its clear that some need a bit more effort. But I have got a multi config demo up and running now, and it's very cool to plug in a machine, make a few small alterations to a config and get it working.

I will be posting a list of all machines that are compatible, out of the box, and which need some extra attention.

So far I've managed to get all the Raspberries all up and running with no problems at all but also the,
NanoPi M1 // not a hard one
Odroid C2 // really easy but slower than I expected, I might need to look into that
Up2 fast but some issues with shaders to research
Odroid XU4  // had some strange issues and need to add  -DGL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES to the cc flags but once done its up and running and fast as hell
OrangePi PC2 needed a bit of coaxing but in the end does work, but software emulation of the GPU is happening and its very slow.

But also failed miserably with a few others.
Banana Pi M3.. no graphic drivers
NanoPi M3 no graphic drivers (shame as its bloody fast)
NanoPi M2 No graphics
Orange Pi Pc
BananaPi M1(original) hard work, tried multiple things, but code compiles,it just refuses to run,

Tinkerboard... I don't have a 3A unit here, so will have to pick one up.
Olimex A20 Lime... couldn't get it to boot into linux...grrr lots of time wasted

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