Sunday, 18 June 2017

is it done yet?

Oh no....but so close, I just wrote up in my main  blog how this last few steps are proving so hard, every thing that can go wrong goes wrong. Small simple tasks I expect to do in 5 mins take 5 hours and so on, its as if nothing I can do will actually work on a Pi.

But that said, I've pushed and pushed and pushed and the last few bits are almost done.. I've  written all the code to create the last few projects, apart from the implimentation of some physics and the rendering of the physics representation objects...that should normally only take a day at expect it to take a month.


On the plus side, despite all this hassle the actual quality of the projects on the Pi is really amazing to see, its very clear to me that the machine simply isn't being pushed by people and the rather poor quality of games and graphics on offer can easily be exceeded.  So I really do hope my now massive (850 pages)  book encourages people to give these little beasts the attention they deserve it can do so much when its actually coded at its native level.

Ok enough posting...back to work.. No new SBC's bought recently, a few new Nano and Banana's have hit the market that are worth a look but I'm not going to get into them till the book is finished. The Tinkerboard is still the most exciting and its had a few updates to its OS, but still no drivers yet, I won't touch it till it has ES3.1/2 drivers.

Oh and the website is up now at There's nothing there yet, but I'll start to populate it soon.

Onward and downward, or at last try for a shallow attempt at an upward direction

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