Monday, 19 June 2017

870pages my publishers going to kill me

well he's going to anyway for being so late. But I'll eave the edits to them.

Another good day done, I got more of the basic object defines in place to allow the physics code to be visible. Not without issues of course, there are always issues! But despite astonishing heat, and totally useless cooling in the office, I managed to get quite a bit done today, and write it up and endit a few other sections.

Back to work tomorrow though so not going to be able to do much, hopefully today's work will allow me to target the things I need to get done in the breaks.

I will get the MD2 models and lighting system sorted next. They are all working find, but the code is rough and needs a clean up, and a very slight introduction in the text.

Please be over soon...please! I'd like to enjoy this heat, sitting in my back garden with a pitcher of Margarita's not slaving in a hot room in front of 3 screens

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