Saturday, 27 May 2017

Spell checking done

Yes I know, still not done, a few soft deadlines missed and 2 hard ones missed, but circumstances totally beyond my control have meant I just have not been able to get the last few sections up and running.

And a collegue  pointed out that my removal of an intro to physics, for space reasons,  left the remaining sections poorly coded and not at all up to standard, so I have restored but re-written the physics sections and am working as fast as possible to restore the code back into the final demos. Its worth the effort though the games are working much better with a physics engine, despite the performance hit.

Just as I was ready to put it all together, I ended up being stranded in London after visiting for a conference, and losing my passport, which was a major pain, but also allowed me to do a full read through and review, find a few more errors and get them marked for fixes which I've been doing since I got back home,

The Website is up and ready for content, Its only in a holding mode at the moment but it will house all the demo code, some extension lessons and answers to some of the questions posed in the book.  I'll also add a small forum  to it when I work out how :D At least that does not have to be done until the book is launched sometime after November!

Its actually listed on Amazon now, ready for pre order, which of course emphasises the need to get the damn thing done
The price still worries me though...but no doubt it'll come down when the try to unload the unsold copies lol.

I also did the 1st full spell check on it last night, took 4 hours lol....I can't spell for toffee, being slightly dyslexic, That's one of those silly but essential jobs that I need to do a few times just to make sure. Its complicated by the fact there is a lot of code in the early sections that will confuse any spill chucker. It will no doubt go through another spill chucker to turn it to american English when the publisher gets it.

I need to get back to it now, I have a particular model in the game I got online, its lovely but it is giving me a  lot of headaches to display..hopefully after a break writing up the other games when I get back to it it will be cool.

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