Sunday, 16 April 2017

4 games in one :D

I've had to do a few re-writes to cut pages and reduce the amount of code in the book,  this is mostly done by letting 1 project flow into another. Rather than having,as I did, separate projects. So I've build a simple tile display system, which in turn becomes a top down shoot and chase game, then a single screen platformer, then a scrolling platformer, and finally a scrolling shooter.

While at the same time introducing collision, motion, logic, attack waves and for fun a bit of parallax scrolling.

All using the same graphics :D

here's the shooter

Its reduced the page count quite a bit, and It think made the flow of information that much cleaner...I'm,doing something similar for the 3D games in the book too. Still maintaining the style but allowing 1 to flow into another.

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