Tuesday, 26 July 2016

No new boards

The V1.2 M3 was the last board I picked up, aside from a silly cheap on ebay Raspberry compute module, and dev board, but I have not had the time to mess with it.

I've now been focusing on the book content and projects to go along with it. which is proving hard. Content wise I'm fine, the content is fine I find I have no problem outlining what I want them to do, , but projects are taking much longer than I wanted to,. Nor for any significant technical reasons, though sometimes my lack of linux knowledge does bite me. Its more to do with making sure the projects are able to be broken into steps and each step has to be properly documented and saved for review. That really has turned out to be very time consuming.. I can write 10 pages in an hour, but prepping a small part of a project can take a couple of days. Problem is I need that project to back up the 10 pages, so if I don't stop to do the project the 10 pages makes no sense.

Another interesting thing is I have to avoid being too detailed. This is something of a contradiction to the content of the book which insists on adding as much detail as possible to a project, but I simply don't have the time to add all I want to into the projects.
But that is something I can get the readers to do!

I'm still waiting for some feedback from the publisher on the draft I sent last month, a gentle prod in a few days should help but it might mean they want a lot of changes so I'll just keep pressing on and try to get the content ready for the Sept deadline.

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