Sunday, 24 April 2016

New shipment of cards

Well I have a 6 new SD cards supposedly from the manufacturer , and 3 for Malaysia... I am hoping they will all check out but have to run them through a test prog before I burn SD images on them. All are simple 8GB which are less often faked, so I hope these will be ok.

This will finally mean I can leave a card in each of my systems, which will save a lot of time when I want to try one of the less obvious machines.

I'm also going to turn my Pi2 over to become a games emulator, hooked up to my TV downstairs, I have been considering a full sized console for some time but really I don't think I can justify the expense. My main gaming interest is in retro and strategy games, which are not really a consoles things. But I see lots of them on emulators so that's the route I'm going. I have 4 RaspPi's so handing the 2 over to a games machine won't dilute my testing systems! I can always try it out with a fresh install if I want to check something.

Invaders from Space is done and running on all machines, I am going to clean up the code now and start formatting it so it can be put into the steps needed in the book. That I am finding to be quite a tedious and time consuming chore.

Time to move on to Kamikaze, and fix some of he more serious and deliberate issues in the 1st program to demonstrate the benefit of better design.

Onward and upward

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