Friday, 29 April 2016

Creator Ci20 something different

I couldn't overcome my collecting OCD when I saw a new Creator CI20 on eBay, under my usual 50euro limit  ( well a couple over once postage added) (there have been a couple of octocore exceptions to that rule)

Mainly I wanted to try out a non ARM based chip, since it is in fact a MIPS based CPU, in an ideal world, it won't make any difference to my game projects, so long as there is a GNU compiler on board the distro, or can be downloaded, it will compile.

Mainly its also interesting in that its another machine with a Power VR GPU so it will be cool to see how much faster/slower it is against the mass of mali chips. Sadly only single core, but still...its a very cool chip.

I do have others with a PowerVR, but not full tested them out yet, and you need a few different machines to give a good average on performance.

It should be here next week, and since its spring break here I'll be doing a lot of writing and coding.

So more updates soon.

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