Sunday, 29 April 2018

Better get back to this. Raspberry Pi3B+

Sorry to disappoint my 1 and only reader with so few posts recently, I've been snowed under with work, both from university, freelance and maintaining the book, so its been quite a struggle to keep up.

And besides that, my focus has been on coding of late not on collecting more machine which may or may not work, but I did pick up a new Raspberry Pi 3B+


Well its great, its a Raspberry, does all that you expect from a raspberry, has a bit more oomph in its networking which is great for SSH coding, as I do, and a bit of a CPU boost, by 200Mhz, also give some of the game code a boost too. Other than that there's nothing new there that makes me excited, faster wifi is good, I think they tweaked BT as well, but I just don't use it so...

No current boost on GPU speed, but asking the Raspberry People about it, it seems it may be on the cards soon, which will be great. But for now, its just another incremental step in the development on the Raspberry with its current SBC.

It may indeed mark the end of that design path, since I think they are basically saying they've done all they can with it. And what they have done is amazing. If this is the last version of the Videocore IV equipped SBC, then its a fitting end.
Roll on the Raspberry 4, which I am sure will be a world beater, but not this year.

Which leads me to putting an image here just so I can post it on to my forum on the Book support site. If you are into coding your SBC's please take a look, join up and contribute. At the moment its mostly me posting hints and tips and giving some people a bit of help.
I will still maintain this blog  as and when I collect and report on new SBC's but I think its mainly going to be used now for small tutorials and screen shots

I'm about to talk about lighting, here's an example of the massive difference you can get from using lights vs not using lights.

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