Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Old School Gaming

The 2D engine is now working really spot on, here's a test run of the KamaKazi game in action,
Its not a complex 2D engine, and I have reworked it a few times to make it as simple as possible, but it's capable of rendering a few hundred good sized sprites (the resolution here is actually quite high, even though I'm going for a low res look

The basic game concept is familair I hope, though I have altered and simplified the gameplay to avoid it being a complete clone, its an homage to the great days of old. Which the user can enhance and fiddle with to make it a cool game,

Currently now working on the tile manager,  that allows easy platform games to be played as well as providing a simple 2D font system

Fun, but very time consuming. I can write 20 pages of content in the time it takes me to get a decent stage of project to save. But its coming along well. 427 pages :D (and still a lot of code to put in)

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